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When to replace the pressure switch

Before we get started on how to replace the pressure switch, I would like to talk about how to tell when your pressure switch needs to be replaced.  If your washer keeps filling and doesn’t stop filling or if it fills your tub so high that water splashes out during the agitation cycle, you will first want to check to see if the pressure tube that connects from your tub to the pressure switch is clogged.  You will also want to check for holes in the pressure tube.  A couple of years ago my own personal washing machine started to over flow during agitation.  I found that there was gunk in the pressure tube that prevented the air pressure to activate my pressure switch in time, so it slightly over filled causing the water to splash out during agitation.  I removed the gunk and all was well.

If you your pressure tube is fine, unplug the end of the pressure tube from the outer tub and blow in it.  You should hear a click in the pressure switch, if you don’t go to test #2.  If you do hear a click, go to test #2 anyways.  🙂

Test #2

Set your multimeter on the lowest setting for ohms.  Using alligator clips connected to the terminals on your multimeter, connect them to the two terminals on your pressure switch.  (Be sure at least one of the two wires are unhooked from the pressure switch. )   Now blow on the pressure tube.  If you get a reading of 1, your pressure switch is bad and needs to be replaced.

Another cause of over filling could be your inlet valve.  A way to test the inlet valve is to unplug your washer while it is filling with water.  If it continues to fill while unplugged, your inlet valve will need to be replaced.  There are other causes for leaks and water spillage, but that will be covered in another post.

Replacing the pressure switch on your GE HydroWave

  1. First unplug your washing machine from the wall outlet.
  2. Next pull the washing machine away from the wall in order to access the 3 screws in the back of the control panel.
  3. Unscrew the 3 screws located in the back.
  4. Carefully tilt the control panel forward.  (You will feel some resistance.)
  5. When standing behind the machine, you will need to give it a little love slap on the right side of the machine to release the brackets that are holding it in place.
  6. Next locate the pressure switch, unplug the two wires that are connected to the pressure switch (Make a note as to which terminals these wires are plug into.)
  7. Remove the pressure tube.
  8. Remove the pressure switch by twisting it counter clock-wise and removing it from the control panel.
  9. Reverse your steps to to install the new pressure switch.  Make sure you hook the pressure tube back to the pressure switch or you will have a  mess on your hands.  Also if you find the pressure tube doesn’t fit snug on the pressure switch, trim a small amount off on the end.

These are the tabs that have to be released. Give the control panel a love slap on the right side in order to release the tabs.

The model number of the machine that I’m working on happens to be WHRE5550K2WW.  The part number for the pressure switch for this machine is WH12X10413.

This pressure switch will work on the following machines listed below.  If you’re not for sure what the specific part is for your machine, this video will show you how to select the correct part.

Repair Clinic

General Electric GHRE5550K0WW WASHER

General Electric GHRE5550K2WW WASHER

General Electric GHRE5550K3WW WASHER

General Electric GJRE5500K0WW WASHER

General Electric GJRE5500K2WW WASHER

General Electric GJRE5500K3WW WASHER

General Electric GWRE6270K0WW WASHER

General Electric GWRE6270K2WW WASHER

General Electric GWRE6270K3WW WASHER

General Electric WCRE6270K0CC WASHER

General Electric WCRE6270K0WW WASHER

General Electric WCRE6270K1CC WASHER

General Electric WCRE6270K1WW WASHER

General Electric WCRE6270K2WW WASHER

General Electric WCRE6270K3WW WASHER

General Electric WHRE5550K0WW WASHER

General Electric WHRE5550K1WW WASHER

General Electric WHRE5550K2WW WASHER

General Electric WHRE5550K3WW WASHER

General Electric WJRE5550K0WW WASHER

General Electric WJRE5550K1WW WASHER

General Electric WJRE5550K2WW WASHER

General Electric WJRE5550K3WW WASHER

General Electric WKRE5550K0WW WASHER




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