The following videos were created by Angel Acevedo.  If you find these videos helpful, drop by his site and donate.

Dead Washer

The next four videos will help diagnose the cause of a dead GE washer.

No Spin

The next section videos will help you to diagnose the cause of a GE washer that is not spinning.

Not Filling Properly

This section of videos covers the diagnoses of a GE washer that isn’t filling properly.

Not Draining

If your GE washer isn’t draining properly, the next two videos will help you to discover the cause.


The next video is one cause of leaking on a GE washer. Other causes of leaking could be the pump, the pressure switch, the tube that connects from the pressure switch to the tub can either have a small hole in it or crud blockage in the tube.


The following can washer noises: a broken dampening strap, a rod and spring assembly (shocks), or the transmission.