Whirlpool Washer Doesn’t Spin or Drain

If your Whirlpool direct drive washer doesn’t drain or spin, the first thing you should check is the lid switch.  If the lid switch checks out fine, proceed to check the pump.  Below is my pump replacement story.

The other day I received a service call.  The home owner stated that their Whirlpool washer model# LXR7244JQ1 wouldn’t spin the clothes dry and that it was now full of water.  My first thought was that there was a sock in the pump.  When I got there, this is what I found and how I fixed it.

The washer had about 10 – 15 gallons of water in it. This is my guess based on the amount of times I had to empty out my 5 gallon bucket.  🙂  You can also drain it out into the washer drain if there isn’t a ton junk other than water in the washer tub.  (I once had to fix a pump because a guy washed a mop head in his washing machine.  Yeah, the mop head broke up in many little tiny pieces a long with many large strands, not a good situation.)

You can pick up this handy dandy drill pump at Home Depot pictured below.   I believe I got it for around $10.  I hooked up to washing machine hoses to each side and pumped out the water until I couldn’t get any more.

Pumping out water from a washer that won’t drain

After draining out all the water I could, I removed the two screws that held down the control panel.  These direct drive Whirlpool washers either have screws in the back or the front of the control panel.

Next, I flipped back the control panel.  (Make sure that you completely remove the two screws and put them in a safe place so that you don’t lose them.  If you leave the screws in the control panel when you flip it back, they will end up on the floor.)  After I flipped the control panel back I popped the two brackets that hold the cabinet together.

Next, I removed the cabinet, popped off the pump by removing the two metal brackets that hold it on, and then proceeded to drain the tub out the rest of the way.  (You will need a pair of pliers to remove the hose clamps that secure the hoses to the pump.)  To ensure that you don’t spill a ton of water on the floor slowly remove the pump just enough so that the water trickles out into a large bowl.  Shove the pump back on when you need to empty out the bowl and repeat the process until every last drop of water is out of the washer tub.  I even tilt the tub towards me to be sure no excess water is hanging out towards the back of the washer.

Have a towel ready and be sure to keep your pump over your bowl.

After the tub was drained completely, I removed the pump and found…….

A sock!

a sock!  With these Whirlpool pumps, it is best to replace the pump because they often start leaking once something gets lodged in it.  I popped the new pump in and put the washer back together, in and out with-in an hour.  This particular machine uses pump # 3363394.  There is a video on how to replace the pump at the bottom of the page..

There are two very common pumps with these Whirlpool Direct Drive washers.  Pump # 3363394 pictured below.

And pump 3363892 pictured below.

If you don’t know which pump fits your machine, do a search with your model number and find the pump on the diagram.

Find Your Part Number 365 Day Warranty

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