Whirlpool Gearcase 3360629

Where to buy

This site has great prices, fast shipping, and a 365 day return policy.

How it works

The gearcase is also sometimes refereed to as the gearbox or transmission.  The job of the gearcase with the help of the clutch is to move the agitator when the washer is in an agitation cycle and to spin the basket when the washer is in a spin cycle.

How to diagnose if it’s broken

Does your direct drive Whirlpool washer have one of these or multiple symptoms?

  • Agitates and spins at the same time.
  • Leaks a lot of oil on the floor.
  • Makes a strange noise (Strange noises can be caused by several things.  You will want to check the motor coupler, the basket drive, and drive block before purchasing a new gearcase.)

The following video is a recording that I took while repairing my mother-in-law’s washer.  I had to replace both the motor coupler and the gearcase.

The next video will show you how to replace the gearcase.

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