Whirlpool Duet washer clicking motor doesn’t spin or agitate

I repaired this Whirlpool Duet the other day.  When I got it, the door was locked and it wouldn’t spin or agitate.  There was just a clicking noise in the motor area.  I figured it was either a bad motor or the motor control.

I took the back panel off to access the back.  The screws can be removed with a metric hex driver or a star bit.  After taking the panel off, I removed the belt by turning the pulley and then spinning the belt off, much like you would take off a bike chain.  After the belt was removed, I put it in spin mode.  I grabbed the motor shaft and it felt like it was trying to turn and I got a little shock out of it.  Since I had a motor on hand, I pulled the old one out and put a new motor in. Now it is as good as new.  I cleaned the machine up and sold it.

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