Whirlpool Cabrio No Spin SD Error

This email was sent from a reader.  I figured it would be a good learning experience.  The answer that I give is my suggestion of what could be causing the problem, enjoy.

Readers email


After 2 days of working on my washer and researching for hours and hours online, I came upon your site and I was delighted to find someone who enjoys fixing washers on the side. It’s not a business for me, just a hobby to usually fix family or friends’ washers or dryers.

Someone in my area was giving away a Whirlpool Cabrio washer model WTW6600SB1 because they said it wouldn’t spin or agitate. Their repairman quoted them $300-400 so they just decided to get rid of it.. I saw it as a challenge, and if I can fix it, it will be way nicer and newer than my current machine.

I have run the diagnostic tests many times. The only errors stored are all F71 errors.

I took the inner tub and agitator out of the machine (which was very difficult at first) and completely cleaned the buildup. I did find a towel that was in between the inner and outer tubs on the bottom and removed it. I sanded the drive shaft which is not very smooth in one section. It is still a bit rough in a 2inch section but better than before.

I made sure the connectors were all secure on the control board as well as on the motor underneath.

These are all suggestions I found online that dealt with spin problems..

The automatic diagnostic tests now are fine until C8 where it seems to get stuck and not spin..just slightly turn while the agitator moves back and forth minimally.

When I run the manual diagnostic tests, everything works. All speeds of spin work fine, the agitator works fine, the lid lock works fine..

So, everything I read is that the sudsing error can also mean mechanical drive friction or that the basket does not engage properly during drain in order for it to spin.

I have tried to run 3 cycles and used a washing machine cleaner the 3rd time, and each time the machine flashes with an sd error.

I don’t think it has to do with suds at this point.

I’m sorry for being so long winded, but I am wondering with your expertise if you could give me any advice on what to do next? How do I get the basket to engage during drain?

I appreciate your time and thank you in advance.



My Response

Thanks for the email. I had one of these Cabrios that did nearly the same thing. In diagnostic mode it wouldn’t get passed C8 and then in regular spin cycle it would get stuck on about 12 minutes.

The tub has to be able to float up when the tub fills with water in order to agitate and then slide back down the shaft as that water is drained out in order to go into spin cycle. The issue that I experienced was the hub on the basket. The hub was a bit stiff, so it got stuck and wouldn’t allow the basket to drop. I haven’t wrote a post on that yet. The hub is a cheap part. I would try that first.  The hub is #8 on the diagram.

In your case, from what you are saying, I would think it is either the hub, or the drive shaft needs to be replaced, maybe both. You can get both from . They offer a 365 day warranty so if the parts don’t fix your problem you can return them.


The only other thing that it could be is either the pressure switch is bad (control board) or there is a hole or gunk in the hose that runs to the pressure switch from the tub.

The F71 error is a suds error that could have been caused by using the wrong detergent at some point of time.



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