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Whirlpool Cabrio Bearing Repair with Video – Kit W10435302

If you are on this page you probably either suspect or know that the bearings are going out on your Whirlpool Cabrio, Maytag Bravo, or Kenmore Oasis.  To help you find the answer to questions that you may have about bearing repair to the model washers above either follow the table contents below, read the whole post in its entirety, or check out my FAQ on Whirlpool bearing repair here.  If you need to know the part number or where to purchase the bearing kit from click here.

This website exists because of support from readers like you.  If you purchase any Whirlpool Cabrio washer parts through the links on my website, I will send you a free Whirlpool Cabrio repair manual.  Find out more about it here.

How to tell if your bearings need to be replaced

You may be at the point where you are trying to figure out if your bearings even need to be replaced.  Well, here’s a little guide that may help you.  The first, and usually most notable sign that the bearings need to be replaced is the loud roaring noise when the washer is in spin cycle. The second sign is rusty or greasy looking splatters that you see either on the floor or on the inside walls of the cabinet.

 Here are some pictures of some Cabrio repairs that I have done:

Rusty looking splatters on the ground from a bad bearing.

Rusty water stains seeping through holes on rotor

This washer is barely showing signs of a bad bearing. In the picture below I was in the process of taking the rotor off.

Buy bearing kit W10435302 with 365 day return policy

The bearings go out on these machines due to water leaking passed the seal. The bearings begin to get rusty causing the loud noise. As more water seeps through the bearing and shaft area, rusty water will begin to be spun out splatter the ground and the underneath washer.

How to replace the bearings

I created the following two videos for you do it yourselfers.  Until recently to replace the bearing on the Cabrio, Bravo, and Oasis you had to replace the entire outer tub.  Whirlpool has now made available a bearing kit and a bearing press tool so that the bearing can be replaced at a fraction of the cost.  Check out the videos below to learn how to replace the bearings.



Parts needed

If you purchase through either of the parts above from my website, I’ll send you a free Whirlpool Cabrio service manual.


Model numbers this part should be compatible with: (Probably more models)

If your washer is exactly like either one of these two diagrams, Bearing Repair Kit W10435302 should work for your washer.


MWTW7800XW0, MTW6300TQ0, MTW6300TQ1, MTW6400TQ0, MTW6500TQ0, MTW6600TB0, MTW6600TB1, MTW6600TQ0,MTW6600TQ1, MTW6700TQ0, MTW6700TQ1, MVWB300WQ0, MVWB300WQ1, MVWB400VQ0, MVWB450WQ0, MVWB450WQ1, MVWB700VQ0, MVWB750WB0, MVWB750WB1, MVWB750WL0, MVWB750WL1, MVWB750WQ0, MVWB750WQ1, MVWB750WR0, MVWB750WR1, WTW6200SW0, WTW6200SW1, WTW6200SW2, WTW6200SW3, WTW6200VW0, WTW6200VW1, WTW6300SB0, WTW6300SB1, WTW6300SB2, WTW6300SG0, WTW6300SG1, WTW6300SG2, WTW6300SW0, WTW6300SW1, WTW6300SW2, WTW6300WW0, WTW6340WW0, WTW6400SW0, WTW6400SW1, WTW6400SW2, WTW6400SW3, WTW6500WW1, WTW6600SB0, WTW6600SB1, WTW6600SB2, WTW6600SB3, WTW6600SG0, WTW6600SG1, WTW6600SG2, WTW6600SG3, WTW6600SW0, WTW6600SW1, WTW6600SW2, WTW6600SW3, WTW6700TU1, WTW6700TU2, WTW6700TW0, WTW6700TW1, WTW6700TW2, WTW6800WB1, WTW6800WE1, WTW6800WL1, WTW6800WU1, WTW6800WW1, WTW7300XW0, WTW7300XW1, WTW7300XW2, WTW7320YW0, WTW7340XW0, WTW7340XW1, WTW7340XW2, WTW7600XW0, WTW7600XW1, WTW7600XW2, WTW7800XB0, WTW7800XB1, WTW7800XB2, WTW7800XB3, WTW7800XB4, WTW7800XL0, WTW7800XL1, WTW7800XL2, WTW7800XL3, WTW7800XL4, WTW7800XW0, WTW7800XW1, WTW7800XW2, WTW7800XW3, WTW7800XW4


Q.  Do I need to the bearing press tool to replace the bearings?

A.  If you haven’t replaced a bearing before on a machine, I would recommend using it.  It helps you to set the bearing correctly in the outer tub.  It will also save you a lot of time.

Q. What is the sloshing sound I here inside the inner basket?  It sounds like water is stuck inside.  Is this normal?

A. Yes, the water sound is coming from inside the balance ring and is perfectly normal.

Q.  You made it look so easy to remove the basket.  My basket is stuck on the shaft, and I can’t remove it, how can I get mine out?

A.  If you are having trouble removing the basket, one thing you can do is remove the whole outer tub and basket from the washer.  Have gravity work on your side, by turning it upside down and hammer the shaft out.   To do this, first remove wash plate/ agitator by removing the 7/16″ bolt, you may have to slip something underneath it in order to pop it similar to removing an agitiator out of a GE washer.  Once you have the wash plate/agitator removed, you can remove the hub by unscrewing the (6) screws on the hub that attaches to the basket.  After this is done, remove all the parts from the outer tub such as the pumps, motor, pressure tube, wiring harness etc. and then remove the tub.  Turn it upside down and carefully beat the shaft out.  You may need to replace the hub if it gets damaged during this process.  Here’s a video that shows you the old way to replace the bearings.  It will also show you how to remove the whole outer tub.

Q.  I replaced my bearings and now I’m getting an SD error or a UL error.  How do I fix this?

A.  I have found that most people get this error because their hub is sticking.  Those that have trouble removing their basket because it was stuck on the shaft usually experience this problem.  If you are getting the UL error it is either the hub causing the problem or suspension rods need attention.

Q.  I think my bearings are bad, but I’m not sure the bearing kit will work for my washing machine.  How can I tell if the bearing will work on my machine?

A.  Take a look at the diagram above, now take a look under your washer, if it looks like the washer in either of the diagrams, the bearing kit works with your washing machine.  The bearing kit doesn’t show up in the diagram since the bearing kit was an “after thought” by Whirlpool.

31 thoughts on “Whirlpool Cabrio Bearing Repair with Video – Kit W10435302

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  2. felipe dominguez ortiz

    nesecito pieza de lavadora donde la puedo conseguir w10435302 gracias avisenme porfavor si ustedes la tienen

  3. Bruce Chee-A-Tow

    I cannot lift the inner tub out. I have already removed the basket drive hub and the tub ring.
    Should the inner tub be able to pull out?


    1. washerdryerrepairhelp Post author

      Hello Bruce,

      Here’s a link to the diagram that can help us identify the parts:

      So if I’m understanding you correctly, you have the tub ring off, you removed the 7/16 bolt from the agitator (#3 in the diagram), and you removed the plastic hub (#8 in the diagram) from the basket (#10 on the diagram) and now it is stuck?

      I would screw the hub back onto the basket. Shove the basket down, pull it up, shove the basket down, pull it up. Do this until you pull the basket out. You may need to get someone to help you hold the outer tub in place as you pull up on the basket.

      Hope that helps.


      Check us out on Facebook:

      1. washerdryerrepairhelp Post author

        I was also going to say if the above solution doesn’t work, unscrew the hub, remove the rotor, the motor, and the nut that holds the shaft in place and then beat the shaft out with a hammer. You can then remove the basket and then remove it from the basket.

        1. Chris

          I cannot lift the inner tub out so I followed your recommend above to remove the motor, and the nut that holds the shaft in place and then beat the shaft out with a hammer. I am beating like crazy and it won’t move???

          1. washerdryerrepairhelp Post author

            Assuming that you have removed the agitator, you may have to remove the entire outer tub with the basket, turn it upside down and continue to give the shaft a beat down.

  4. Cynthy

    Hi , my Whirlpool washing machine recently broke and the model number is GHW9400p0 i was woundering if you guys have that model bearings? Thank You!

    1. washerdryerrepairhelp Post author

      I would suspect one of the pumps first for water leaks. Remove the back panel from your washer. Turn your washer on and let it go through the cycles and watch for leaks. Carefully, feel around the hoses and pump particularly during the drain. You can usually feel or see where the water is dripping from.

      If you can’t find any dripping towards the back and you see rusty splatters under your washer, then I would suspect the bearing. But bad bearings are usually accompanied with a loud roaring sound.

      Worse case scenario is the outer tub has a hole in it and needs to be replaced.

  5. ed

    can a bad bearing give a ul code.. i already changed the suspension rods and i am still getting ul with about 9 minutes left in wash.

    1. washerdryerrepairhelp Post author

      You probably already figured this out, but the UL error code stands for unbalanced load. Probably about 95% of the time the UL error code can be fixed by replacing the suspension rods, but there are a couple other things that can be causing the error.

      There could be something stuck between the basket and outer tub, the basket could be getting stuck on the shaft itself due to corrosion and not sitting correctly (The basket should be able to slide up and down the shaft. During the wash cycle it floats up as the water fills the tub. As the water empties out for spin cycle it slides back down. This is where a bearing kit may come in handy since it comes with a new shaft.), the little plastic spring loaded hub that screws into your basket could also be causing this, or lastly your control board could also be the culprit.

      If you wanted to fix it, I would probably start with removing the basket to see if anything is stuck under the tub and to get a look at the shaft and the hub. If everything seems okay, move to the control board. If you end up purchasing parts, you could get them from either Appliance Parts Pros or Repair Clinic so you can return them within 365 days if they don’t fix your problem. This specific model washer can be quite problematic.

  6. vlad

    Our Cabrio is making squicky loud nose after water is taken and cycle starts. Everything works fine just a loud noise. Any ideas why this may be happening?

    1. washerdryerrepairhelp Post author

      What’s your model number? What to look for really depends on which Cabrio you have. The newer Cabrios have a vertical modular transmission and are belt driven. If you have this newer type style, I would look underneath to see if your belt may possibly be rubbing. If it’s the older style, look for rusty/grease dribble on the rotor, even the slightest is a sign of a bad bearing, but normally the loud noise is most noticeable during spin cycle.

      Is this noise in-sync with the motor?

  7. vlad

    The washer is only 1.6 years yang model # WTW5550X. So I will dismantle from underneath to check the belt then.

  8. vladimirm

    I’ve taken guard out underneath, looks like belt was rubbing on it cause there is black dust everywhere. I also noticed that the sheave on a drum side is wobbly, is it the way is suppose to be or something is going on there?

  9. Bruce

    I have a WTW6400SW0 Cabrio washer that I need to remove the wash plate. I have removed the bolt but the plate won’t come off. I have tried putting a rope under it and pulling, pulling up on the tub using WD40 to lubricate it but nothing is working. Any other suggestions on how to get it off without damaging it?

  10. Rob

    Hi, I have a WTW6600SW2, and I’ve removed the large nut holding the shaft on, I removed the agitator and hub (6 screws). I’m beating the shaft from the bottom and it reaches a limit and doesn’t move. It actually springs back a little bit. The bearing and spacer came down from the bottom ok. Any idea why the shaft wont come hammer through?
    Thanks for your help!

  11. Robin

    Hi, I have a whirlpool elite oasis washer, model # 110.28032701. A few weeks ago the washer would start to fill up, then when it was time for it to start to agitate or spin, it would stop and give code f 51. The basket and agitator would not move at all. So, we took the agitator off and the inner basket, we had to pry both out, they seems like they were glued in. When we put them back in, my son had a hard time tightening it from inside, so he turned it over. When he tightened it from under, it seemed to loosen up were the bearings are in the outer tub. Then the tub and agitator started to spin freely.. While he was under, he checked the rotor position sensor, it seemed ok. We put everything back together and tested it. It filled up and ran the entire cycle, but, it sounded like a jet when it was in spin. Thought the dang washer was going to take off, lol. My question is, if the bearings were froze up on the outer tub, would it cause the tub and agitator to not move and throw a code f-51, and now cause it to sound like a jet when it is in spin cycle? And, can I get new bearings for it or do I have to get the entire outside tub? Thanks


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