Whirlpool Cabrio Gas Dryer WGD6200SW1 No Heat Question

I had someone email me that was having problems fixing their Whirlpool Cabrio dryer model number WGD6200SW1.  I tried emailing them several times, but the emails keep bouncing back.  Hopefully they see this post, otherwise maybe it will help someone else out.  Here’s their question:

We have replaced the coils, flame sensor, ignitor and thermistor runs fine but will not heat up could it be the burner or thermal cutoff ?

Here’s my answer:


Before replacing any more parts, I would unhook the dryer vent that leads outside. Turn the dryer on and see if you get heat at the back of the dryer. If you do have heat, your venting is clogged somewhere or something is restricting air flow. (Don’t run your dryer for a long period of time with your vent unhooked. You want the carbon dioxide to go outside your house and not inside.) 🙂

If you don’t get any heat with the vent unhooked, test the thermal cutoff with a multimeter. You will want it set on the lowest setting for ohms. Remove one of the wires on the thermal cutoff and place one of each leads on the two terminals. If you get a reading of 1, your thermal cutoff is bad and needs to be replaced. I would get the thermal cut off kit. It is recommended to replace the thermal cut off and high limit thermostat at the same time.

I would also clean out the chute while you are at it and check your venting for any clogs. These kinds of clogs can cause your dryer to over heat causing the thermal cutoff to trip. It can’t be reset so, it has to be replaced It could also be that your high limit thermostat failed causing your thermal cut off to die.

Here’s a link to the thermal cut off kit:


Let me know how things go.


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