Whirlpool Cabrio DU Error Code Fix

I received this short email from a reader.  They have a Whirlpool Cabrio model number WTW6400SW3.

Powered down, replaced with new switch, power back up, pushed cancel, same code. Switch is in the unlock position.

The DU error can be caused by several things.

  1. There’s detergent causing the switch to stick.
  2. Excessive force on the lid is not allowing the switch to latch or retract.
  3. The door lock has malfunctioned
  4. The control board is at fault.

One of these four items above should fix your Whirlpool Cabrio DU error code.  I always recommend troubleshooting the cheapest fix first then work backwards.  First inspect the lid lock and see if there might be some detergent causing the switch to stick.  In some cases the switch won’t lock and in others it won’t unlock.  If there isn’t any obvious signs of detergent causing the malfunction or your lid hasn’t been bent up in such away that the latch can’t lock or unlock, then replace lid latch assembly.  If that doesn’t fix your problem, the next part that is probably at fault is the control board.

Here’s a video that will show you how to replace the lid latch assembly.

The link below is for the latch for the model number above. To make sure you find the right part for your Whirlpool Cabrio always do a model number search. You can use the search box below to find the correct parts for your washer.  The online appliance parts store that I recommend on this site offers a 365 day return policy.  You can’t find that off line!


Find Your Part Number 365 Day Warranty

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