Buying a used washing machine or dryer? 7 Tips to help you find the right one.

Buying a new-to-you washer or dryer can be stressful especially, if your dirty clothes are piling up, you don’t have a huge budget, and you have resorted to washing your clothes in the sink.  In this post, I will give you 7 tips to help you find the washer and/or dryer that is right for you.

Tip 1 – Don’t get in a rush to buy your new appliance.  Do your homework.  If you are looking to buy used, see if you can find reviews for the brand or style that you are looking for.  Also consider fixing your appliance rather than replacing it.

Tip 2 – If you are buying from someone on Craigslist, try to get the seller to plug it in to see it in action.

Tip 3 – If you are buying from Craigslist, try to bring someone with you that knows a little about appliances.

Tip 4 – Try to find an appliance that is under warranty.  Most, if not all, used appliance guys offer a warranty.  Do a Google search of their business name and/or phone number and see what kind of reviews they have.

Tip 5 – Do not buy a used High Inefficiency (pun intended) appliance, especially a front load washing machine, if it doesn’t come with a warranty.  The parts are more expensive, and if you buy a lemon, you will be very displeased.

Tip 6 – If you buy a High Inefficiency washing machine, top loaders are generally easier & less expensive to fix.  If a control board goes out on either a top loader or a front loader, you will be forced to sell one of your organs in order to pay for it.

Tip 7 – If you want a washer or dryer that is easy & affordable to fix, go with a direct drive Whirlpool brand washer and a basic Whirlpool dryer.  These machines were made to last.  The parts are interchangeable and a lot cheaper than many of the High Inefficiency washers and dryers.


As you can see from some of my tips above, I’m not very fond of the HE machines.  I used a Maytag (Whirlpool) HE top loader for about 1 month.  In a month’s time, towels that have lasted 10+ years were torn to shreds and our clothes didn’t come out as clean as they should.  Going back to the mighty direct drive Whirlpool washer.  I’ve also fixed and tested many front loaders.  The only benefit that I see from these HE machines is the amount of clothes they can hold.

If you care about the environment, it is probably still better to go with the Whirlpool direct drive washer over an HE machine.  These HE machines have a shorter life span then their older counter parts.  It would seem that the cost + energy used to manufacture a replacement for your broken HE machine wouldn’t save any energy.  I could be wrong, but there you have it.  🙂

Here’s a picture of the the direct drive, notice that there are no blinking lights.  Direct drive Maytags ( made after 2006) , Roper, Kitchen Aid, Estate, Ingles, Sears, and other brands were all made by Whirlpool.


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