Most of my posts are strictly about appliance repair.  I don’t spend much time talking about myself, but I want my site to feel more personable so I’m creating a category called Me.  In this category, I will randomly talk about things that are going on with me.  🙂  So here it goes:

Last Wednesday was my last day of vacation.  I visited family in Southern Illinois.  It seems like the usual thing for we to do when we go down besides searching for Amish, is fix appliances.  Last year, I fixed my grandpa’s washer and diagnosed a dryer.  This time it was my grandpa’s dishwasher that needed fixing.  The dishwasher would fill with water, but that was about it.  I found that the food chopper housed inside the pump area had what looked like a piece of string wrapped around it causing the pump to cease.  I removed the string and reassembled the pump and motor and it was back in business.  That repair saved my grand parents at least $75.

Other than fixing stuff, we had a good time down there, life seems to move much slower in the land of corn and bean fields.  We drove my uncle’s Jeep in the woods, went fishing, swimming, ate a ton of food, and hung out reminiscing about the good old days when we were heathen kids up to no good.  🙂

When I got back from vacation I finished installing a sub panel in my garage.  Before we left on vacation a tree limb knocked out power to the garage.  After getting that done, we went fishing for one last hurrah, and my son caught a nice Bass.  Check out a few pics:


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