You may be wondering what tools you need to start an appliance repair business.  The good news is some of the main tools that you need, you may already have.  Below is a list of tools that you will need if you would like to get started in an appliance repair career.  An asterisk is placed by the tools that a technician would not live with out.

*Service Manuals

Service manuals are great for even veteran repair men who get into a pinch.  Service manuals will help you properly diagnose appliances, show you how to take them apart, and help you understand how each one works.  Get 850+ service manuals for less than $70.  Click the image below.

850+ Service Manual Collection

*Screwdriver set

A nice screwdriver set similar to the one pictured here will be used constantly in your new career.  You will find that a nice set that includes a couple different sized flat head and Phillips screw drivers along with a stubby Phillips and flat head will come in handy.

*Hex head screwdriver set

You will need a hex head screwdriver set.  You will mainly use the 1/4″, 5/16″ and the 3/8″.  You can buy a complete set or just the 3 sizes mentioned above.  Click on the picture below to see hex head sets available on

*Set of pliers

Needle nose, channel lock, and regular are the most common pliers that are used for appliance repair.

*Spanner Wrench

The spanner wrench is used to take tubs out of the direct drive Whirlpool Washer, top load Maytag washer, and the GE top load washer.


A digital or analog multimeter is as important as wearing your pants.  You will use this all the time.  Your multimeter should have the ability to check ohm readings and voltage up to 220 volts.  If your multimeter has a built in thermometer, it would be a bonus.

*Socket set

A socket set like the one picture below is also a necessity.  Be sure to have metric, standard, deep, and shallow sockets along with a variety of extensions.

*Putty knife

Putty knives are used quite often to pop open washer and dryer cabinets.  You will need a good thin yet sturdy putty knife.


A 4 lb hammer is ideal for using with a spanner wrench to remove tub nuts, but a regular sized hammer will do for temporary.

*Wire stripper

*Allen wrench set

You will need both a metric and standard Allen wrench sets.