On this page I’ve listed websites that have been instrumental in getting me started in appliance repair.  The last two links are to my repair manual and appliance repair tool pages (both a work in progress).

Top 5 Appliance Repair Sites

Appliance Assistant – is owned by Jon Yingst.  Jon has some good videos and covers all appliances.  I’ve found Jon’s info to be helpful over the years.

ApplianceJunk – is owned by John Pahl.  It’s a great appliance repair forum of all the repair forums, I visit it most.  The techs on there are very helpful.

Appliance Repair It– has a lot of good information on GE products.  It has been my go-to site for information on the GE hydrowave washer.

WDRVC – is an awesome site full of washer and dryer repair videos for older units.  His videos have been extremely useful for me to learn to the tricks of the trade.

British James – has great Whirlpool washer and dryer repair videos.  Watching his videos is what started it all.

There are other sites that I will list at a later date.  I can’t think of them currently (brain fart).

Free Appliance Repair Manuals

Tools Needed for Appliance Repair