Whirlpool Cabrio UL Error Fix

Does your Whirlpool Cabrio, Kenmore Oasis, or Maytag Bravo bang in spin cycle, or does it stop spinning all together and flash UL?  This is usually caused by the original suspension rods that came with your machine.  These rods tend to become faulty.  There is an easy/inexpensive fix for that.  Whirlpool made an improved suspension rod kit W10189077.  Here’s a video that will show you how to replace the suspension rods: Contents1 Where to buy Part W101890772 Find Your Part Number 365 Day Warranty3 Buy suspension rods with 365 day warranty Where to buy Part W10189077 Repair Clinic – 365

Whirlpool Cabrio Error Codes

How this error code thing works Below is a list of error codes for the Whirlpool Cabrio along with with explanations and recommended procedures. Over time I will interject some commentaries to help you better pinpoint the possible cause(s) to your problem. I have so far written more in depth posts on the following Whirlpool Cabrio error codes:  F1 errorcode, Ul error code. This website exists because of support from readers like you.  If you purchase any Whirlpool Cabrio washer parts through my sponsors (Repair Clinic offers a 365 day returns on all parts) via links on my website, as a

Whirlpool Cabrio Bearing Repair with Video – Kit W10435302

If you are on this page you probably either suspect or know that the bearings are going out on your Whirlpool Cabrio, Maytag Bravo, or Kenmore Oasis.  To help you find the answer to questions that you may have about bearing repair to the model washers above either follow the table contents below, read the whole post in its entirety, or check out my FAQ on Whirlpool bearing repair here.  If you need to know the part number or where to purchase the bearing kit from click here. This website exists because of support from readers like you.  If you

How to replace control board WH12X10439

I got a GE Hydrowave washer in the other day model number WHRE5550K2WW.  I will be posting information on how to replace the parts on this washing machine for a while.  Being that winter is approaching and December is the most busiest month for ministry, I will be slowing down with my used appliance repairs and sales.  This washer will be sitting around for a while with plenty of time to play with it.  This is the second Hydrwave that I got in so you get the privilege of learning a long side of me.  🙂  In this post, I will show you how to replace the control board part number WH12X10439.

How to Video

Where to buy WH12X10439 with 365 day return policy click link below:


The first thing that you need to do remove the control board is to unplug your washing machine.  Next move it away from the wall.  There are 3 screws located in the back of the control panel.  They are most likely torx head, but this washer was missing the screws.

After you remove the 3 screws begin to softly push the control panel forward.  You will begin to see the control board.  You will find that the control panel seems to be stuck and not able to push forward.  You should be able to push the control panel open about an inch or so.   (see picture below)

When standing behind the washer, give the control panel (not the board) a slap on the right side.  The goal is to release the tabs pictured below.

These are the tabs that have to be released.

Now you can access the control panel.  Remove the 3 plugs from the wiring harness and then grab a 1/4″ hex head screw driver or a 1/4″ socket and unscrew the two screws shown below.


After the 2 screws are removed you can begin to lift up on the bottom edge of the control board.  The board will pop out.  Next remove the 2 screws that are located on the smaller attached control board that controls the temperature selector and agitation options.  The smaller board pops right up.

When installing the new board, you may want to wear an anti-static bracelet.  Also be sure that the knobs on the board line up with the knob positions on the control panel.  If you found this post helpful, consider purchasing this part through the following link:

WH12X10439 – this company has a 365 day return policy.

Control board WH12X10439 will work with the following models:

General Electric EWA5600K0WW WASHER

General Electric EWA5600K1WW WASHER

General Electric EWA5600K2WW WASHER

General Electric EWA5600K3WW WASHER

General Electric GHRE5550K0WW WASHER

General Electric GHRE5550K2WW WASHER

General Electric GHRE5550K3WW WASHER

General Electric GJRE5500K0WW WASHER

General Electric GJRE5500K2WW WASHER

General Electric GJRE5500K3WW WASHER

General Electric GSRE5600K0WW WASHER

General Electric GSRE5600K2WW WASHER

General Electric GSRE5600K3WW WASHER

General Electric GWRE6270H2WW WASHER

General Electric GWRE6270K0WW WASHER

General Electric GWRE6270K2WW WASHER

General Electric GWRE6270K3WW WASHER

General Electric WBB4500K1WW WASHER

General Electric WCRE6270H2CC WASHER

General Electric WCRE6270H2WW WASHER

General Electric WCRE6270K0CC WASHER

General Electric WCRE6270K0WW WASHER

General Electric WCRE6270K1CC WASHER

General Electric WCRE6270K1WW WASHER

General Electric WCRE6270K2WW WASHER

General Electric WCRE6270K3WW WASHER

General Electric WHRE5550H2WW WASHER

General Electric WHRE5550K1WW WASHER

General Electric WHRE5550K2WW WASHER

General Electric WHRE5550K3WW WASHER

General Electric WJRE5500K0WW WASHER

General Electric WJRE5500K1WW WASHER

General Electric WJRE5550H2WW WASHER

General Electric WJRE5550K0WW WASHER

General Electric WJRE5550K1WW WASHER

General Electric WJRE5550K2WW WASHER

General Electric WJRE5550K3WW WASHER

General Electric WKRE5500K0WW WASHER

General Electric WKRE5550K0WW WASHER




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