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There has been a lot going on here the last few weeks.  During a snow storm last week, I brought in a Maytag Centennial washing machine a long with a junky Asko front loader.  The Maytag is one of the newer vertical modular washers.  This is the first VMW that I’ve got to play with.  I hope to put up some posts about it in the next few weeks.  Here’s what the washer looks like:

I had a fit of rage last week and broke my phone.  (I’m waiting for parts to come in.)  I use my phone to take pictures so right now I’m at the mercy of my wife in order to sneak pics.  🙂 I had a front shot of it, but it appears it got deleted.

I have so much content that I would like to add to this site.  Here’s my partial to do list for Washer Dryer Repair Help:

  • Finish posts for the GE Hydrowave series.
  • Make videos for most if not all the GE Hydrowave series
  • Write more posts on getting traffic to your appliance repair site.  (I added another video to my last post on that by the way.)
  • Get my product posted on the site.  I was shooting for January  but have decided to make many changes before I make it live.  (I actually haven’t worked on it much at all lately.)
  • Get more dryer posts up.  I have a lot of posts on washing machines, but not many regarding dryers.

That’s about all I have on my to-do list.  I’m sure it will get longer.  Is there any certain posts that you would like to see?  Do  you have any questions?  Feel free to ask away.  This site is here to serve you, my readers, whether you are a drive by reader that may never step foot back on this site, or you read my posts regularly and/or have subsribed to my newsletter or you follow me on Facebook or Youtube.  Let me know how I can serve you.

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