My Whirlpool washer doesn’t spin

If your washer isn’t spinning your clothes dry, you first have to ask is your washer not spinning at all, or is your washer spinning so slowly that the water isn’t getting rung out of your clothes?  Appliance manufacturers don’t build every brand the same, so I will cover the brand and style that is in probably close to 60% of homes today, the Whirlpool direct drive washer.  In this tutorial we will focus on washers that aren’t spinning at all.


First a little history, there are many brands that are made by Whirlpool some of which are: Kitchenaid, Roper, Estate, Kenmore, Ingles and more.  In 2006, Whirlpool acquired Maytag so Maytag appliance made after 2006, have Whirlpool parts under the hood.

Now that we got some history out of the way, lets get started.  And again, since the direct drive top load washer is still operating in many homes, I will use this style of washer for an example.  The most common reason that a washer isn’t spinning is the lid switch.

Lid Switch

Top load washers are equipped with a lid switch so that when the lid is opened while in spin cycle the washer will stop spinning.  When the lid switch isn’t functioning correctly, it will prevent the washer from going into spin.  The a broken lid switch will also prevent a pump from pumping.  If your washer isn’t spinning and the pump doesn’t pump, you likely have a broken lid switch.  Test your lid switch with an ohm meter (a video showing you how to do this will come shortly.)

Motor Coupling

If your pump is pumping, but your washer isn’t spinning then your lid switch isn’t bad.  The next likely cause could be your motor coupling.  The motor coupling is a plastic piece that connects your motor to the transmission.  When this plastic coupler is broken, your pump will pump out water since it is attached to the front of the motor, but the broken coupler doesn’t alllow the transmission to engage causing the washer not to spin.  (You usually hear a strange noise when your coupling is broken.)  Here’s a video that shows how to replace the motor coupling.



What if your lid switch tests good and the motor coupling is in good shape and you know your motor works?  You will need to test the timer.  (A video showing how to do this will be coming shortly.)

Other possible causes of a washer not spinning:

  • Check the pump to be sure there’s nothing stuck in the pump.  An easy way to test this is to remove the pump from the motor and then put the washer in spin cycle.  I’ve found a sock in a pump that was causing the washer not to spin.
  • Check for items stuck between the basket and the outer tub.
  • Check the drive block, sometimes they get worn down.  Hopefully, the teeth on your basket drive didn’t get chewed off in the process because this can be a costly fix.  🙁

I hope this tutorial has been helpful for you.  As I sat typing this out I realized all the different videos that I need to create in order to help all of you out.

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