How to replace the outer tub on a Whirlpool Duet or Kenmore Elite

These videos will help show you how to replace the rear outer tub on a Whirlpool Duet or Kenmore Elite. The videos should give you a good idea how to replace the outer tub on just about any front load washer. The reason for replace the rear or front outer tub would be if you have a hole in them or the bearings are bad in your rear tub. There are people who have successfully replaced just the bearings and seal on a front load washer. These two videos will at least get you to the step to remove the rear tub.

I have yet to find a front load washer that was worthy to try just replacing the bearings. I have removed the bearings though just for fun 🙂 and I’ll make a video or supply pictures of that.

Part 1

Find your part:


Part 2

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