How to remove the agitator and basket on a GE washing machine

This video will show you how to remove the agitator and basket on a GE top load washer.

Tools needed:

  • Spanner wrench – part# TJ90TB123A
  • 1/4″ hex driver
  • 5/16″ hex driver
  • putty knife
  • 7/16″ socket and ratchet


Always unplug the machine before performing any work.  Removing the front panel is usually quite easy.  With this washer, the previous owner messed up the front panel so that the tabs on the right side wouldn’t depress.  I had to use a small screw driver to pry down on the top of the panel while pushing in with the putty knife.

Reasons to remove the agitator or basket:

My purpose for removing the basket on this washer was to clean out the tub so I could resell it.  A clogged pump would be another reason, one time I had a clogged pump on a washer.  It wasn’t a GE washer, but had similar design.  The home owner washed a mop head in the washing machine.  Strings from the mop were stuck in the pump and were stuck between the basket and outer tub, talk about a mess!  Another reason to remove the agitator is if it’s broken or if the base it sits on is broken. Enjoy the video…

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