GE HyrdroWave and a simple GE lid switch trick

Our personal washing machine is leaking, and with young kids, we can’t allow the laundry to pile up.  I’ve been hunting around for at least a temporary replacement and came across a newer HydroWave.  I don’t come across them much in my area so it will be a fun project to tinker with.

When I get machines in, I often check to see the cost of parts in order to decide if it’s worth fixing or not.  I was quite surprised that the parts aren’t all that expensive.  The most expensive part that is commonly replaced is probably the motor.  The tub are basket are expensive, but it’s rare that I ever replace those so I didn’t even look into the prices for those.

When I test top loaders, I like to have the lid open so I can watch the washer do it’s thing.  (It’s quite entertaining.)  There are a lot of GE top load washers that have the magnetic lid switches.  If you ever need to run a test with the lid open (do with caution), you can unscrew the magnet part from the lid like so and set it on the contact below to activate the lid switch.


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