Dead Electric Whirlpool Dryer Service Call

Today I fixed an electric Whirlpool dryer.  The home owner’s complaint was that the dryer was dead.   It took about an hour to repair.  (I could have been out much sooner, but I got talking.)  The pictures below weren’t from this specific repair.  They are just for reference.

I first checked for power at the terminal by unplugging the dryer then removing the terminal block cover, plugging the dryer back in, and then using my volt meter to test for the  voltage reading between the black (hot) wired and the white (neutral) wire.  I got 120 volt reading.  Next I tested voltage between the white (neutral) wire and the red (hot) wire.  I got 120 volts thee also so I knew that the cord and the outlet was good.  If the power cord isn’t color coded, then just remember the outside terminals are hot and the inside is neutral.

Next, I removed the back panel to test the thermal fuse.  Many times a dead electric dryer is caused by a tripped thermal fuse.  The thermal fuse can’t be reset so it has to be replaced.  By removing one of the terminals on the thermal fuse and testing resistance, I got 1 which means that the fuse is bad. I replaced the thermal fuse.

When these fuses blow, it is caused by an over heating dryer, which normally over heat due to plugged venting.  I removed the chute and it was filthy.  I then thoroughly vacuumed out the chute, the back of the dryer, and the inside of the dryer.  After cleaning out the dryer, I put it back together and the dryer is as good as new.


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