Appliance Parts Buying Guide

So an appliance breaks down and your going to take a shot at fixing it yourself, but how do you find out what your part numbers you need for your appliance?  This post will help the ultra newbie figure out how to purchase the right part for their machine.

Where to find the model number for my appliance

The most important thing you need to find a part for your appliance is a model number.  Appliances have a few common model number locations.  Below are a few model numbers and their locations.

This is a GE dryer. The model number is usually found right inside the door.

The model number for most dryers can be found right inside the door.

Whirlpool Duet model number right inside the door

Most front load washer model numbers can be found inside the door area.  Some may be found on the back of the washer.

This Fisher Paykel model number is on the back of the control panel.

Maytag (Whirlpool) top load washer the model number is right under the lid.

This is probably the most common place to find the model number on a top load washer, right under the lid towards the back.  GE top load washer model numbers are generally found on the back of the control panel.  For locations of appliances other than washers and dryers, click here.

Where to buy the part

Ok, now that you have located your model number, you can go to an online appliance parts website and paste it in the search.  I recommend Repair Clinic.  They have a 365 day return policy and their prices are a lot cheaper than what you will find at your local appliance parts supplier.

Enter your model number in the search box below:

Find Your Part Number 365 Day Warranty


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