General Disclaimer

This site exists for educational purposes.  You are responsible for the outcome of your repair, your safety, and the parts that you purchase.  Take extreme care when working with gas or electricity.  Be sure to turn off the gas or water, and be sure to unplug your machine or turn off the breaker to your machine before attempting repairs.  In other words, if you spill hot coffee on yourself, it’s your fault.  🙂

Affiliate Disclaimer

I grew up watching my grandpa help nearly everyone he came in contact with.  He was always fixing people’s cars for them among other things to lend a hand to people in need.  He’s a true servant.  Like my grandpa, I enjoy helping people.

My desire is to help as many people as possible save a few bucks on appliance repair.  Once you have the knowledge to fix your own appliance, you wonder why you ever paid so much to have someone else repair it.

Most links on this site that lead to a product to purchase are affiliate links that I will receive a small compensation from if you purchase the product or service.  A few companies for example that I’m an affiliate for are Repair Clinic and  I myself, have purchased from these companies and still purchase from these companies.  I give them all two thumbs up, particularly Repair Clinic for offering appliance parts at such great prices.  You will be lucky if you can find parts at your local supply house for the same or lower price.