My 7 year old helps me replace a clutch

My 7 year old helped me to replace a clutch in a Whirlpool washer this weekend.  When I was a kid, I really didn’t have a male role model show me how to do mechanical things so I feel it is super important to teach my son everything I know mechanically.  My wife and I are really big into passing along any knowledge/wisdom to our kids that we possibly can.

If your direct drive Whirlpool washing machine fails to spin the water out completely in spin cycle and there isn’t anything stuck between the basket and the outer tub, you likely have a problem with the clutch.  I sell used washers and dryers and always replace the clutch even if it needs to be replaced or not.  It will go out eventually and you sometimes don’t catch it when testing the machines.  Make sure to purchase your Whirlpool 285785 clutch from .  They have a 365 day return policy.

In this video you will see my son doing most of the work.  The video wasn’t edited much so you will also get to see my junky garage and my strange habit of forgetting simple words.  I seriously forget some of the most basic words and have to substitute the word with a totally different word.  It’s just not right….

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