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If you are looking for help repairing your washer or dryer, you have come to the right place.  Click some of the quick links below or click on the tutorial tab to get started.  Otherwise, to learn more about me and this site, scroll down.  :)

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About me and this site

My name is Jon Lewis.  I’m a full time children’s pastor.  For a little extra cash on the side, I sell used appliances, mainly sticking to laundry equipment.  Most of my work is done out of my garage.  I started this side business towards the end of the year in 2010.  My training has consisted of a lot of reading, watching a lot of Youtube videos, asking other repair techs for advice, and a lot of trial and error.  I’m still learning as I go and hope to share what I learn with others.




40 thoughts on “Washer Dryer Repair Help

  1. Domenick Giammarusco

    I have a Kenmore Oasis Elite washer nothing illuminates when I press the power button or start and there’s power going to the washer? Is there and way for me to diagnosis this myself cause I’m pretty handy could this be a bad control board?

    1. washerdryerrepairhelp Post author

      If power is getting to the board, but its dead, I’d replace the control board. If you purchase it from RepairClinic or Appliance Parts Pros, you can return it within 365 days if it doesn’t fix your problem.

  2. Jerrod Post

    I have a Kenmore Elite electric dryer that has a loud vibration that seems like it’s coming from the right side of the dryer. The drum spins fine and it heats up, but the vibration is bad and causes the dryer to start walking. Any suggestions?

  3. jerry

    I have a Kenmore ultimate care 2 washing machine. You feel some water fine when it’s ready to start washing your a clicking sound but when you turn the agitator by hand it will Spin to the right but we try to turn back left and won’t spend any idea what’s wrong.

    1. washerdryerrepairhelp Post author

      I’m not sure I quite understand what you’re saying so I’m going to rewrite your question as I think you are trying to ask and them I’m answering it. If I get it wrong, just comment back. :)

      You have a Kenmore Ultimate 2 washing machine. It fills with water fine, but when it advances to the agitating cycle you hear a clicking sound. When you turn your agitator by hand one way the agitator will spin, but when you spin it the other way it doesn’t.

      Your washer has agitator dogs inside the agitator. When the dogs are working properly the top of your agitator will ratchet one way during the wash cycle. What you are describing with your agitator is normal. It will spin one way by hand, but not the other way.

      The clicking sound could be a motor coupling problem, a transmission problem, a capacitor problem, or the motor itself is bad. I would unplug your machine from the wall outlet. Pull it out from the wall a bit and carefully tilt the washer back on its hoses. Between your motor and the transmission you will see a plastic white motor coupling. Sometimes you can visually see that it’s broken. Here’s a post on a broken motor coupling: http://washerdryerrepairhelp.com/whirlpool-washer-broken-motor-coupling-diagnosis-and-fix/

      Another thing you can do is isolate the motor from the rest of the machine by pulling it off, then plugging it back into the wiring harness, jump your lid switch and then plug your washer back in. You can then fill your washer back up with water (making sure none of the hoses have been disconnected) once it gets to the wash cycle, if the motor works fine with no clicking you know that the problem is “down stream”. If the motor clicks, you know it’s either your capacitor that’s bad or motor itself. If the motor is fine, drop the transmission and then hook your motor back up to it. Now with the both the motor and transmission isolated put it back in wash cycle, if you hear the clicking now that the transmission is hooked up, your transmission is bad. This is very hard to explain in words. I plan to make a video soon to better explain this process. I hope this helps. Be very careful when working with electricity. :)

  4. randall perkins

    i got a whirlpool washer # ghw9150pw3 .bearing are bad do i have to buy the tub.i cant find any bearings on here…..dont know what to do can you help me out….thanks

  5. Victor

    Kenmore Elite, Model # 110.65926401
    We moved last weekend and had to change the dryer cord from a 3-prong to a 4-prong. Dryer worked fine for 6 loads, and then failed to turn on. Nothing happens when start is pressed. I inspected the dryer cord wiring and found the dryer’s ground wire (green w/ white) was wired to ground (green) instead of neutral (white). I wired it correctly, but still nothing. Using a DVM I verified the outlet still works. The breaker is not tripped. I’m in the process of disassembling the dryer, but I need some insight as to what to look for/test once I get it open. Ideas?
    Thank you,

      1. washerdryerrepairhelp Post author

        If the cord itself checks out good, check the thermal fuse on the blower housing and the thermal cut-off and high limit thermostat on the heater box. If any of these are bad, replace them and clean the lint out of your dryer and the dryer venting going outside of your home. Here are the 3 part numbers for the parts mentioned above:


  6. larry

    I am changing my bearings in my kenmore oasis elite washer, but I can not get my shaft out. I looked at the video but when I got to the part of hammering out the shaft it only goes half way. What am I doing wrong

  7. Jean

    My husband tried to fix our Kenmore Elite washer, Oasis HT (that’s what I saw on the manual) after the machine had a Ld message on the control board. The washer just finished on the wash mode and is about to drain but it stopped and that’s when the Ld message came up. My husband removed the drain pump and tried to check if it’s clogged. He cleaned it and put it back again. Then, he tried the washer again and it did the same thing, washed but not drain and there appeared to be like a humming sound on top of the washer.
    What seems to be the problem. Thanks for any advice.

  8. george wiltshire

    My cabrio washer will not come on after pressing power button several times. Eventually it turns on after pressing many times. What would cause this? Is it the sensor board?

  9. Matt

    I have a whirlpool control board W10445261 REV H that needs to be replaced , I’m having a problem finding this part is there an alternative part # or someone who can repair boards? Thanks

  10. mike

    My Kenmore elite oasis dryer is throwing a f 40 code and will not start which parts do I need to fix it .

  11. washerdryerrepairhelp Post author

    Hello Mike,

    The F40 error on your dryer is usually associated with a communication failure between the two boards on your machine. The main board http://www.repairclinic.com/PartDetail/Main-Control-Board/W10111616/1447617 and the board for the touch pad: http://washerdryerrepairhelp.com/f4zy

    First check to make sure all the connections are snug. If any are loose, that’s probably your problem. If that are all tight and snug, it’s probably the board behind the touch pad that needs to be replaced. Both the links above give you 365 days to return your part if it doesn’t fix your problem.

    If you find that the board option is too costly, you can always invest in a dryer that has less electronics. :)

    Hope that helps.


  12. michael

    hello i have a KENMORE ELITE OASIS energy star washer. a tech told me i need to replace the bearings on my unit…. he did say they are a little expensive so thats why i decided to do it myself…. now do u honestly think this machine is worth fixing? if so can u pleeez provide me with some “how to replace bearings” for my washer? thanx so much and i look forward to hearing back from ya… God bless

  13. Jeff Holt

    Hello, Jon.

    I bought a Whirlpool cabrio WtW6400SW3 in 2008. Since then, my wife complains that it suffers more and more from too much force due to imbalance during the spin cycle. I agree with her that it doesn’t handle even slightly out of balance loads very well (and oddly it seems to buck less when fully loaded as compared to only slightly loaded). It is level, the feet are solid on the tile. I opened the lid and grabbed the top part of the outer basket with my fingers and put my thumbs on the upper inside part of the inner basket and tried to rock the inner basket back and forth relative to the outer basket. I found some monkey slop (play) but don’t know how much is supposed to be there. I figured the problem was wear and decided to disassemble it to check for wear.

    So far, all I’ve found wrong with the unit is the left-hand side’s black shock absorbing foam pad is significantly worn (beaten) away. The bearings on the inner basket are ok (no jet noise on high spin nor any grease splatters). The inner basket shaft is only partially corroded away where the inner basket’s brass bearings don’t touch the shaft. When I manipulate the inner basket end-over-end I hear and feel water shifting inside the bottom part of that basket. It’s obviously not completely full of water and it doesn’t appear to have a leak so I’m assuming it’s not supposed to be completely full of water. The springs for the four rods that support the outer basket seem uniformly springy. The motor and pumps are ok.

    I haven’t run the unit in diagnostic mode because I didn’t know about it until after the disassembly. But I should say that after it bucks like a horse during the high spin, the basket stops, some water is added, it starts up again and proceeds. My wife has to perfectly balance the load or it won’t complete a full cycle.

    I’m open for suggestions, even if it is that I’m being too picky or that I could record the operation with the lid open and show you what it’s doing. That’s always been the way I diagnose computer software performance problems so maybe that’s what I should do. In any case, I’ll look forward to hearing from you.


      1. Jeff Holt

        Thanks, Jon.

        Shortly after posting my comments, I looked at the complete list of parts shown at the link where the bearing kit was found. I saw a short list that included the suspension rods and had an epiphany. I immediately ordered them.

  14. Lee

    First, thank you for having a website that helps folks.
    My problem is a whirlpool top loading machine that has a water level that keeps getting higher and higher before it starts the wash cycle. (No matter what wash load I dial in). I am afraid it is going to run over so I watch it, then turn dial to make it stop and go into wash cycle. Thanks again.

    1. washerdryerrepairhelp Post author

      It sounds like either your pressure switch is malfunctioning or the pressure tube has gunk in it. The pressure switch tells the washer when to stop filing. I’d check the tube first to see if there is any build up inside.

  15. Renee

    I have a kenmore he3t quiet pak4 front load washer. First of dhl code. I ordered a new door lock and put that in. Then I got a f06 code. Put back in old lock and still only get f06 code. The other strange part is I will do a diagnostic test and will get no code. Will end with clothes clean light on. But almost always it stops at about 6 mins left to wash with the f06 code. Any ideas?

    1. washerdryerrepairhelp Post author

      F-06 code appears when the control board doesn’t detect the motor speed. You either have a loose connection somewhere between the motor to the motor control board (MCU) or the main control board (CCU), the MCU is bad, or the motor is bad. Being that you just changed out the door lock, I would make sure you don’t have any loose wires. If they check out good it’s more than likely the MCU or motor that is bad. If you purchase from Appliance Parts Pros or Repair Clinic, you can buy the part and send it back within a year if it doesn’t fix your problem.


  16. Jesse

    Hello Jon,

    I have a maytag top load washer that sounds like a Harley Davidson motorcycle when it shifts to spin cycle. I opened the front access I could see the pump, motor, and belts but cannot tell what the problem is. Any idea of what it could be?

          1. Jesse

            Hello Jon, thank you for the advice!

            One more thing I did not describe; the machine will wash it its cycle. The belt drives the pulley one direction for washing– and it works, however when it changes direction at spin cycle it fails to engage the tub and it makes a loud noise from these two plastic pieces at the bottom of the main shaft, they fit together like a French cleat during wash and they bump each other during spin–sound like a very loud—-bump-bump-bump-bump noise-like a motor cycle.
            Thanks again!

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